A family tradition since 1903…

Working in municipal, federal, private, industrial, and commercial construction.

S. C. Rossi & Company, Inc. is available to help with, stormwater, roads, bridges, and any large infrastructure project in Virginia and surrounding states. We have 30+ years experience with planning and conducting projects large and small for industry, municipalities, and state/federal government clients.

Our Services

Design & Engineering

We offer design and install services for pumped water and sewer systems, along with long-term maintenance.

Heavy Construction

We offer many heavy construction services including underground piping, highways, and storm drainage.

Pipe Installation

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Concrete Work

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Asphalt Milling & Paving

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Building Construction- Commercial

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Building Construction- Residential

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Retaining Wall Construction

Services offered include fusing and thermal welding services for polyethelyne materials.

HDPE Slip Lining

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Liner Construction

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Blasting Services

We have the experience and equipment necessary to drill blastholes, monitoring wells, tie-back anchors, and grout holes.

Environmental Services

We specialize in soil and water reclaimation and industrial control systems designed to keep our environment clean.

Petroleum Services

These services range from AST tanks to pumping systems, loading racks, and tank containment structures.

Why choose S.C. Rossi?

We’ve got the tools

With everything from hand tools to large motorized equipment, any construction job is covered.

Qualified & Experienced

All of our staff is certified to make sure you’re getting the safest and the best service.

Always Available

Our maintenance plans include fast, dependable, 24-hour response.

A Century of Experience

Construction has been a Rossi family business since the early 1900s and continues to thrive.

Customers & Affiliations